Vision Message Objectives

College Vision

Develop a clear strategy to reach the prestigious place among the colleges at the national, Arab, regional and international levels, especially in the fields of preparing the scientific cadres with different competencies, which will play a pivotal role in the process of community development and through the scientific response to its problems.


College Message

The College undertakes to continuously improve the quality of educational performance in the science of physical education by adopting the best results of modern technology in learning and teaching to achieve excellence in the preparation of students and conduct scientific research and development of vocabulary and update them through global trends and subject to the assessment in accordance with international standards.

Objectives of the College

1- Develop a comprehensive scientific strategy to prepare efficient staff in accordance with the educational principles and principles that will increase the quality of performance and contribute to the preparation of specialized cadres to work in the fields of physical education in the State educational and youth institutions.

2. Opening channels of work and cooperation with civil society institutions and other state institutions based on the principle of working on the implications of the university's potential and its institutions as a response to solve the problems of the needs of the society and all the directions of the college's specialties.

3. Follow-up the continuation of comprehensive development in various fields in the field of teaching staff and other human resources and the work of the educational process in the direction of practical and theoretical, which will be reflected positively to achieve the development boom of the College based on scientific methodology.

4. Promoting the spirit of positive scientific competition among all employees in the college and all according to its specialties, qualifications and functions through holding conferences and specialized seminars dealing with ways of solving the problems and obstacles that hinder the college's scientific and educational progress and quality of performance.

5 - To contribute effectively to the modernization and development of educational curricula in accordance with the development in science and through coordination and effective presence in the academic education sector of the faculties of physical education in Iraq.

6 - Achieving the goals of the University of Diyala through its vision and mission in the field of competence of the College to achieve the place and reputation prestigious to our dear university.

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