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Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences holds a scientific symposium entitled extremism

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Updated   19/11/2017 9:33 AM

The College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / Diyala University held a scientific seminar titled "Extremism" on the discussion room, which was jointly organized by the Educational Guidance Committee and the Intelligence Branch in Diyala Governorate.

1 - The importance of the role of psychological guidance now, especially the group of professors, university students and the role of extension units in the faculties of the university in order to raise awareness.

2 - Exchange of information and visions and ensure the preventive and therapeutic goals of psychological guidance, such as science, art, skill in the face of extremist behaviors, the relationship of extremism with terrorism and social effects of extremism to raise students to the best levels of building a society that reflects the health, efficiency and moderation of the nation.

3 - emphasis on the intellectual axis as the thought is the leader directed to the individual and any psychological movement or movements of the collective arise by subjugating this thought and convince him valuable.


The symposium highlighted several issues:

1. The students of the College of Physical Education, Sport Sciences and their teachers have sufficient awareness of the nature of extremism and what is the right behavior.

2 – The students have a national sense of what was evident in their discussions during the symposium.

3 - Emphasize the transfer of the right ideas for students by the teachers and therefore their role in the larger community.

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