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Faculty of Physical Education organizes a cultural lecture the role of media in promoting citizenship

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Updated   17/11/2017 9:10 PM

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Laith Ibrahim Jassim, The Dean of Physical Education and Sport Sciences and within the scientific curriculum for the second semester, with the collaborating of college Faculty, a cultural lecture organized on the role of media in promoting effective citizenship. The lecture was given by Prof. Jalil Wadi Al-Tarkisi a faculty in the Department of Audiovisual Arts college of fine Art.

The lecture, which was attended by many professors and graduate students, dealt with the influential and dangerous roles played by the traditional and new media in the current world, stressing that the core functions of these tools fall into four basic functions such as news, education, education, entertainment and promotion.

          He pointed out that the media is not only a career but a career and a message. Therefore, the performance of this message depends on the extent of the commitment of the workers and the owners of so that it means to ethical and professional standards of media work. Therefore, we find a clear discrepancy in the type of contents broadcast by these means, and on the other hand, to the contrary, thereby putting them at grave risk to society.

He explained that the media is one of the basic political and social education agencies such as family, school, religious institutions and civil society organizations. Therefore, this agency can play positive roles in the national development processes if the optimal recruitment is applied in the fields required by such operations such as strengthening national unity and awareness formation Including the formation of a culture of citizenship.

He pointed out that citizenship will not be effective and influential in the social reality unless it is transformed into a culture, in the sense that it is among the elements of the cultural system adopted by society, otherwise it will not do its work even if the laws that guarantee it.

The lecturer interpreted this concept by saying that citizenship means full membership in the society with the rights and duties entailed in the sense of non-discrimination between individuals based on sex, religion, sect, color, intellectual belief or economic level. Equality that is reflected in many rights such as the right to education, employment, nationality, equal treatment before the law and the judiciary, as well as the right to resort to legal methods and tools to confront all those who violate citizenship.

It also includes the value of freedom, which is reflected in many rights such as freedom of belief and practice of religious rites, freedom of movement within the homeland, as well as the value of participation as the establishment or participation in political parties, associations or any other organization working for the community or to serve some of its members, Forms.

Social responsibility is one of the values ​​of citizenship and includes many duties such as the duty to pay taxes, perform military service, respect the law, and respect the freedom and privacy of others.

The lecture pointed out that the media of all forms can play a major role in promoting the culture of citizenship by supporting the sense of belonging and the desire to participate in building the nation, and contribute to deepen the pride of citizens in the identity of their communities and create awareness of the importance of self-sufficiency and self-reliance, And the realization of justice and social equality among members of society, and the definition of citizens with their rights and duties, and the formation of awareness that human value in itself, and instilling the right to freedom of expression of opinion, and there are many roles, both in the culture of Citizenship or related subjects.




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